Bangkok Sky Bars

There is no better way to experience the panorama of Bangkok’s skyline than from a rooftop bar. No other city boasts such an abundance of Sky Bars. Here are a few recommendations next time you’re in Bangkok:

Labua – You may already be familiar with the first bar on this list from the movie Hangover 2, although I wouldn’t advise coming out of the elevator like chow. Labua is Bangkok’s best-known rooftop bar and certainly lives up to expectations. Precisely bc this place is so well known you can expect it to be a bit overcrowded and the price to match the popularity. Labua is worth a visit, if only for the experience. Their best-known cocktail is the hangovertini, named after the movie. One thing Labua does have that is rarely mentioned, is their phenomenal breakfast buffet. While Labua might not be your favorite sky bar on the list, it is certainly the best breakfast hands down.

Octave – This is one of my favorite sky bars in Bangkok. From this rooftop you get a view all the way down Sukhumvit Road. Octave has 3 floors with plenty of seating. On the top floor you’ll find the round blue bar accompanied by a live dj every evening. Their drink menu is excellent and with reasonable prices it’s easy to spend a lot of time here. Keep in mind there is a dress code.

Above Eleven – This peruvian themed skybar is an excellent addition to the list. On the menu are several delicious variations of pisco sour at a reasonable price point. This is one of my favorite sky bars on the list. Above Eleven is also the perfect choice in the event of rain. The built in awning will keep your crew dry and the party going. 

Red Sky Bar – This rooftop bar is located on the 55th floor above CentralWorld Shopping Mall in Bangkok’s shopping district. You’ll have to take several escalators, an elevator, then another elevator, but this rooftop bar has one of the more amazing views of the city. Drink prices are a little higher here and somewhat comparable to Labua although happy hour might offer some relief. The drink menu is impressive but know you are indeed paying a little for the ambiance. Red Sky does have an upscale restaurant to further enhance your rooftop experience. 

Long Table – This rooftop bar prides itself in having the longest table in Bangkok and is located at the Column Tower off Sukhumvit Soi 16. On the 25th floor this bar isn’t at the altitude as some of the other rooftops mentioned in this list. However you’ll get an excellent view of the Sukhumvit neighbourhood and Benjakiti Park. With decent cocktails and happy hour deals, Long Table is one of the more affordable rooftop bars. It may not be a favorite on the list but Column Tower itself is an excellent place stay. The Column is both affordable and conveniently located. 

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