How Covid-19 Will Affect Your Next Vacation

As federal and state authorities begin to lift travel restrictions and look toward reopening the economy, you may be planning that summer vacation after all. One thing is for sure Corona is sure to alter the travel landscape for the remainder of 2020. Here are a few ways your next vacation may be affected.

You will likely pay less – As travel bans are lifted and economies reopen the travel industry will also look to restore business as usual. The price battles to compete for travel dollars and incentivize travelers will likely begin soon. As such many travelers could capitalize on deep discounts. According to several major travel sites discounts can already be seen in China. As of now, more than 1,600 attractions have reopened in China with some tours discounted between 50% and 80%.

Beyond discounts, travelers should see more flexible tickets. The Covid-19 crisis has forced operators to bend a lot of their rules. Change fees and refund rules will likely remain flexible for the rest of the year, possibly longer.

Travelers’ biggest hesitation will be sanitation concerns and providers will have an emphasis on hygiene. Travelers will want to know everything is squeaky clean and the travel industry as a whole will be focused on guest piece of mind. Many hotels and vacation rental providers have updated housekeeping services to provide additional sanitation. On a broader scale, some airlines have changed their boarding procedures to account for social distancing. They are also keeping middle seats open and will continue for as long as passenger numbers and load factors allow.

Conclusion – Coronaviris will affect your next vacation. You’ll have more flexibility, you’ll pay less, and everything will be disinfected. One other change is normally popular tourist cities maybe a little less crowded. One could argue all changes for the better.

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